New 3d Spherical Camera

Spheron Camera

Survey Group Continues To Invest In New Technology 

We have purchased a new 3d Spherical Camera manufactured by a company called Spheron. The new equipment opens new fields of service we can provide our clients. The Camera is capable of acquiring  full 360° spherical images with the ability to utilise the image in a software to assign information labels to all relevant and required assets and data.

We are developing the market in fixed plant asset database management , Real Estate, Development and Building companies and many other new and separate fields to our current market.

Ben Simpson and Jordan Booker recently were invited to attend training at the Spheron camera factory headquarters in Waldfischbach Germany. Brad Grey from Haefei -Lysnar attended the trip as well. We had two days of intense training which has given us the knowledge of how to operate the equipment and software effectively and professionally.

Visiting the factory was a real eye opener, as all the components of the hardware are made at the factory to a high level of quality. Its good to see not everything is made in China.

The hospitality shown by our German hosts was exceptional. I would like to thank all the guys at Spheron for showing us the great culture of Germany.

The beer and food was amazing.

Please see video below if you would like more information on the Spheron Camera.

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