Aerial Photography Mapping and Volumetrics

Fast all encompassing data capture for your project

Survey Group aerial photography and conventional survey intergration

Survey Group takes to the Air!

Survey Group can no provide its clients with fast, economical aerial photography and mapping.

These tools are idea for the evaluation of infrastructure corridors, extraction industry volumetric auditing, environmental mapping and built and natural environment change monitoring.

So whether to need tools for your decision making process, confirmation of works, monitoring of natural disaster impacts, or you just want to capture a map of your assets from the air, survey Group has the tools to achieve this.

UAV Aerial photography can provide:-

  •  Cost effective feasibility imagery and terrain models for infrastructure and transport corridors;
  •  Ideal for fast economic volumetric surveys for the resources industries;
  • Baseline data for Vegetation Mapping;
  • Interval mapping of both the Built and Natural environments to assess impacts of both natural and manmade impacts, e.g. flood events.
  •  Broad area data capture to large scale detail (feature) surveys (as illustrated above):
  • 50mm per pixel resolution.


Survey Group