Underground Service Detection & Mapping

Take Integrated service detection mark up and survey with our registered surveyor - three task into one!

Surveyors Port Hedland


For a long time now the detection, marking and mapping of Underground Services has required expensive third party service providers, as well as engineering and mining surveyors, to complete the task.


With Survey Groups integration of the latest  detection technology we can now locate, mark up and survey the underground services at the same time, saving you logistical planning, time and ultimately considerable money in the process.

We can locate services in inaccessible areas as we do not need to be directly over the service being detected, if fact the service only needs to be within 3m of the surveyor for us to accurately locate the service. 

The system can locate underground power without any additional equipment! We also have as signal generator known as a “Sonde” which can then locate any underground service where the signal generator cable can be drawn or connected to an existing buried trace or conducting service.

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