Sino Iron Ore Project :Citic Pacific Mining

February 2009 to Present

Sino Iron Ore Project :Citic Pacific Mining Sino Iron Ore Project :Citic Pacific Mining Sino Iron Ore Project :Citic Pacific Mining

CITIC Pacific’s Sino Iron project is a world class, large-scale magnetite iron ore project located at Cape Preston, 100km south west of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It is the largest planned magnetite project in Australia. 

The Sino Iron project has over two billion tonnes of identified ore and targets exports of more than 27.6 million tonnes of high grade iron ore concentrate and pellets each year over its estimated projected mine life of 25 years. 

The project features significant investment in dedicated infrastructure including concentrate processing, pelletising, a 51 gigalitre desalination plant and port facility, as well as a 450 MW combined cycle gas fired power station.

The construction contract for the project infrastructure has been awarded to China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), an international construction company which has undertaken similar construction works for large scale iron ore projects in various countries including China, Brazil and Venezuela. MCC has also acquired a 20 percent equity stake in the Sino Iron Project. Construction works includes: 

  • Infrastructure including site access roads, batching plant, major earthworks, buildings, water system accommodation, fuel system, electrical distribution, and communications. 
  • Process plant including conventional crushers and grinding mills, magnetic separators, magnetite concentrator and pellet plant. 
  • The port infrastructure will include a port stockyard and barge loading facility. Barges and trans-shipment facilities will be provided by a separate Operations Contractor.

Survey Group work directly with MCC to audit all contractors on site to ensure that all the construction works are being built to the correct standards and tolerances.

Survey Group