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Is Your Surveyor Using Cutting-Edge Survey Technology?

Utilising cutting-edge survey technology to improve accuracy and efficiency is crucial if you want to retain a competitive edge in our industry. That’s why our team at Survey Group choose to utilise the Trimble X7 Laser Scanner.

As a global leader, Trimble consistently produce state-of-the-art equipment, including break through scanning systems.

The X7 Laser Scanner offers a superior 3D scanning solution that may be utilised across a range of applications including construction, facility management, civil infrastructure, industrial surveys, topographic and general surveys.

Survey Group believes in investing in solutions that directly benefit our clients and dramatically improve outcomes, so staying up-to-date with our surveying technology is one of our top priorities. We’re also motivated to provide surveying services that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

With our broad range of surveying services, our Western Australian firm relies on the intuitive capabilities and unrivalled precision that the Trimble X7 Laser Scanner provides.

Offering an 80m range and 4mns scan duration, this technology offers self-levelling and automatic calibration for increased efficiency and accuracy.

It also fuels field-to-office productivity due to the capability of automatically registering scans within a single-point cloud.  Fully registered photocolourised scans can be exported to industry standard file formats, while staff are still onsite.

Some of the many capabilities our technology offers includes:

  • In-field registration which elimates the risk of return visits, particularly in projects where access permits may be hard to obtain
  • The ability to create as-built documents for drawings or models
  • Time-saving benefits with the capability to capture millions of data points much faster than traditional topographic survey methods
  • Capability to create as-builts of facilities for CAD modelling or design

Connect with our professionals at Survey Group today by calling our Perth office on (08) 9443 8900 and learn how our cutting-edge survey technology can benefit your next project.

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